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Hi, I’m Gordon – a working dad who has built multiple successful businesses so that I now get to enjoy more time with my wife & children.


My Story

I grew up in Scotland before moving to the south of England 20 years ago for work (and the weather). I’m married to Catherine and we have two boys aged 13 and 15 – and two dogs called Carrie and Angus.

I’m in my 40s and have always worked hard at my jobs and really enjoyed them. For the last 10 years, I was the CTO of a global software company and it was fun. But I was working longer and longer hours in the office during the day and then at home every night/weekend. I was also doing a lot of international travelling (42 flights in the final year). I enjoyed the travelling but it took me away from my family too much.

In December 2019 (with the COVID-19 pandemic starting to build up) I decided that the time was right to leave my job and start another new business!

It has proved to be a good decision. My quality of life and emotional state and family time have improved dramatically. Despite running 3 businesses, I am now fully in control of my time. I spend time with my wife and kids whenever I want to, I walk the dogs when it suits me. I can take time off and binge Netflix if I want – without feeling guilty or overwhelmed. And without my businesses suffering!

Gordon Grant

I’m Gordon – a working dad who has built & sold multiple successful businesses so that I now get to enjoy more time with my wife & children without feeling guilty and overwhelmed.

I have enjoyed working hard for many years. But then I realised that I needed a change. I was often very tired in the evenings and at the weekends. With my family growing up way too quickly, I was spending too much time feeling guilty about how I was spitting my time between my business, my family and myself. I decided that I needed to change my situation. I knew that I wanted to have more control over my time. To be able to choose where & when I would work and what I would be doing. Despite having worked for over 20 years, I realised that I was just working “hard” and not working “smart”. I went right back to basics and designed the BREATHETM programme, which is my solution for entrepreneurs to build a balanced lifestyle where you can enjoy your family/friends and your business without feeling guilty or overwhelmed.

Award Winning

In December 2021 I won the prestigious Entrepreneur of The Year award from the EBA. I was recognised for the BREATHETM programme that I had developed to help entrepreneurs all over the world.
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